Why I chose Animas

       At first I was given the choice to go to Durango High School but I heard about Animas High School. Learning about Animas High School, my decision had been made. Even though it was a college preparatory school, it was smaller with fewer students in the classroom  and project based learning. While Animas High is smaller in size, it is less of a chance to cause mischief alone or with others. As a student at Animas High School i'm having beneficial relationships with teachers and other peers. My relationships with teachers and peers are improved at animas high, while in a middle school setting I never got along with a big majority of teachers and students from  conflicts caused by my behavior. The teachers did not understand my learning style.


       Academically I struggle, which in the past has lead to behaviour problems, so to help support me an I.E.P. was put in place. Because I struggle, I'm pushed as a student  in all ways. For me to learn or understand I need to visualize how to do it, also I learn best having hands-on projects. High School environments tend to be ones of socialization, but I have found Animas Highs environment is one of academic learning.

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